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Museums & Libraries

1. How often do you go to museums or galleries?

    박물관이나 미술관을 얼마나 자주 찾나요?

How many times a week/month/year do you go?

Do you go on particular days, and if so, why? Why do you go to museums and galleries?

한 주에/한 달에/일 년에 박물관이나 미술관을 몇 번 방문하나요?

어떤 특정한 날에 방문하나요? 그렇다면 이유는 무엇인가요? 박물관이나 미술관에 가는 이유는 뭔가요?

2.Do you often go to public libraries?

   공공 박물관에 얼마나 자주 가나요?

What would you use a library for? Would you read any particular kinds of books? Would you study?

도서관에 가는 이유는 뭔가요? 어떤 특정 종류의 책을 읽나요? 거기서 공부를 하나요?

3. What kind of benefits do museums provide people with?

    박물관이 사람들에게 주는 이점은 무엇인가요?

Why do museums exist? Are there any benefits to learning about other cultures and our history?

Are museums an interesting way to learn?

박물관이 존재하는 이유는 뭔가요? 다른 문화와 우리의 역사를 배우는 것에 대한 이점이 있나요?

박물관은 그런 것들을 학습할 수 있는 흥미로운 방법이 되나요?

4. What’s the future of libraries?

   도서관의 미래는 어떤가요?

What new phenomena are changing how we read and buy books? Can libraries compete with these? How?

우리가 책을 읽고 사는 방식에 어떤 변화가 있나요? 도서관이 그것들과 경쟁할 수 있나요? 어떻게?

< Sample answer >

1. How often do you go to museums or galleries?
I go fairly often because I’m keen on learning about history and other cultures. Ideally, I’d make time to go when there weren’t many other museum-goers, I mean I’d prefer to go outside peak times... but these days I’m busy with work so I end up going when it’s really crowded. I think it’s a good rainy day activity, but I also go when it’s really hot in summer or extremely chilly in winter. But basically, I try and go to museums on a regular basis.

2. Do you often go to public libraries?
These days, not so much. I used to go very often when I was a student because the quiet, academic atmosphere was conducive to working, but nowadays I don’t have any reason to go. I mean, I mainly read books that you can get very cheaply in bookstores – novels, novellas, short stories, stuff like that. That said, if I needed to read a textbook, I’d pay a visit to a public library, because textbooks are very expensive to buy. But all in all, I don’t go often.

3. What kind of benefits do museums provide people with?
Oh, I’d say there are plenty of benefits. One is that they allow us to learn about other cultures and history in a stimulating way – I mean, instead of just reading a textbook we can see objects in real life. Another advantage is that by housing collections of historical artefacts and relics, museums can help to preserve our heritage, which is important for understanding ourselves and creating a sense of belonging between people who share our heritage. So there are various pros to museums.

4. What’s the future of libraries?
Hmm... that’s a tough one... all in all I’d say the future looks bleak. I mean, not many people use libraries anymore because book piracy is so common – you can easily download books for free online. If libraries want to attract more visitors, they’ll need to have something special about them, they’ll need to be pleasant places to read and relax. But funding is being withdrawn because of the economic crisis so it looks unlikely that libraries will have the necessary finances for renovation. So basically I reckon that libraries might gradually shut down in future years.

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