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1. How do you think internet will change entertainment in the future?

For the last few decades, internet has changed the form of entertainment completely. The major media used to control the contents and time of the entertainment programs on TV and radio. However, as the internet became commercialized, the paradigm has totally shifted. Nowadays, people like you and me can produce contents with a digital camera and put it online, and people around the world can watch it real time. I think this trend will continue in the future. People will depend on the traditional media less and less and watch more internet contents. Also we will no longer have to be restricted by time because we can watch anything anytime online.

2. What will happen to traditional movie theaters in the future?

I think traditional movie theaters will never disappear because they are popular places for friends, couples and family. However, the form of it will change significantly. These days, people can watch 4D IMAX which enable viewers to see the screen in 3D and feel like they are a part of the movie. I think future movie theaters will be more participatory. For example, with amazing 3D technology, movie screens can be 360° so that people can be surrounded by real images of the movie so that they can actually move around and feel like they are in the movie set. I think there is limitless potentials.

3. How do you think television affects society?

TV has tremendous power over our society. It is the biggest channel of information and entertainment. I think it could have both positive and negative effects. The positive influence would be the distribution of news and information. Even people living in the remote corner of the country can have access to news just by turning on the TV. It reduces the information gap between the leaders and the public. However, it could adversely affect viewers who are relatively young. The media often glorifies violence and show graphic images. Teenagers or younger viewers can be instilled with negative thoughts because of it. I think parental guide is required at all times.

4. Do you think that films shown in cinemas should have an educational value?

It is difficult to generalize because there are countless genres in films. Some of them are very violent or sexual, so those films are not recommended for younger viewers. However, from my perspective, in the context of learning about life lessons, all films have some educational value. Through watching films, we can see the various aspects of life of different people with different social status. Also we can learn about other countries culture sitting in our living room.

Useful Idiomatic Expressions


to make excuses

예문) I have to make excuses to explain why I skipped the class.

나는 ~ 라고 본다

I’d say (I would say의 줄임말)

예문) I think she is lying. She says she is 40 years old, but I’d say she is 54years old.


내 의견은

As far as I am concerned,

From my perspective,

As for me,

To the best of my knowledge,

From my point of view,


요점을 말하다

To get to the point,

Straight to the point, 주어+ 동사

My point is that 주어+ 동사

The point is, 주어+동사


간단히 말해서

To make a long story short, 주어+동사

The long and short of it is that 주어+동사

In a word, 주어+동사

In a nutshell 주어+동사

To put it in a nutshell, 주어+동사

빙 둘러 말하다

To beat around the bush

To skirt around


뭔지 아는데 기억이 안나!!

It’s on the tip of my tongue

~의 입장이 되다

To put oneself in someone’s shoes

If you put yourself in my shoes, you wouldn’t judge me like that.

같은 입장이다, 운명공동체가 되다

To be in the same boat

빙산의 일각이다.

To be the tip of the iceberg

딱 꼬집어 말하긴 힘들지만

I can’t quite put my finger on,

I can’t exactly put my finger on

I can’t pinpoint it,


말하긴 쉬워도 행동은 어렵다.

It’s easier said than done.


~란 있을 수가 없다.

There is no such thing as 명사

For her, there is no such thing as too much studying, she never leaves the desk.


~는 절대 하지 않을 것이다

Over my dead body

The last thing I want to do is

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