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 1. How has media developed over the past 50 years?

Over the five decades, the traditional media has taken a completely different form. It was mainly caused by the Internet and the spread of democracy. As the internet developed, the media has become more interactive and accessible. Now, there are so many more platforms to deliver news, and people can even produce their own news and show it online. Another trigger was the spread of democracy. The public demands for open and transparent information has cause the media to be more outspoken. In a nutshell, it has brought about tremendous changes and it will continue to change.

2. How are newspapers different these days compared to the past?  

There are a number of differences between conventional newspapers and modern ones. In the past, newspapers were made with papers and only delivered to the readers every morning. However these days, you can read newspapers online, which means you can read news real time as it happens. Also with the development of mobile technology and smart phones, you can watch news wherever you are. So, all in all, the newspapers are more than ‘papers’ nowadays.

3.  Should the media be censored?

As far as I am concerned, the media needs to be censored to a certain degree. The freedom of speech is an important right to protect democracy. However, some people abuse it and broadcast violent and graphic images on TV or the Internet. I think in the range of not invading the freedom of rights, we need to censor the media to protect children and young viewers from being exposed to unnecessarily graphic images.  

4. How can media influence young people?

The media can have both positive and negative influence on young people. As for positive effect, young people can be inspired by great people’s stories told on TV. For example, the story of Huh Young Ho, a famous mountain climber, has inspired lots of young people to pursue their dream even though it is hard to achieve. However, it also has a negative influence. These days, we see a lot of young people on news who commit a crime and claim that they were just copying a scene from a movie or drama. So we will have to be well-aware of the impact of the media on young people.

Useful Idiomatic Expressions

관련되어있다, 연관되다

Hand in hand

If two things go hand in hand, they are closely connected and

cannot be considered separately from each other.

예문) our efforts must go hand in hand with students’.


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