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1. Which do you prefer, to have a sole career or various work experience?


I prefer to have a sole career.


If you pursuit one career, you can focus on the things you need to learn. It will make you more professional and specialized. You can get paid more as a specialist and gain expert knowledge. So, I think I prefer to have a sole career.

I prefer to have various work experience.

Having various experience broadens your horizons. You will learn various views towards a particular thing, and also will learn how to adapt that to a real situation. Also, it will develop your ability to adapt into a new environment, which can greatly help you when and if you face a new or unexpected situation.

2. Can you tell me some advantages of having various work experience?

Having various work experience increase people’s ability to cope with many different situations at work places. You can also increase soft skills like team working, communication skills and awareness. Also, it will help you when you make a long term career choice. You can try many different jobs and find what really suits you. You can gain the knowledge and skills that you need to hit the ground running and become more attractive employee. 

3 Do you think occupational training is useful for students?

Occupational training is very beneficial for students, in my opinion. One of the advantages of vocational training is that it offers students to have a chance to experience real work environment. Students can learn what it is like to take responsibilities at workplace, which will help them greatly after graduation. Another advantage is that they can gain practical skills that can be used in a job immediately. This will make them more attractive to employers when they look for a job after graduation. For these reasons, I think job training is important for students.

4.How can we help students prepare themselves for a better future?

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time. We need to teach them how to be proactive and support themselves rather than do something for them. A lot of Korean students struggle in an overly competitive environment. But many of them have a passive attitude and some lack confidence because they were overly protected by their parents. I believe we should let them be more creative and independent. We can also create more accepting environment for them to feel comfortable to do what they really want. 

Useful Idiomatic Expressions

원칙대로 하다

To go by the book

예문) My teacher is very strict and always goes by the book.

날개 돋친 듯 팔리다

To sell like hot cakes


다 이해합니다만

With all due respect,


~의 입장이 되다

To put oneself in someone’s shoes

If you put yourself in my shoes, you wouldn’t judge me like that.

같은 입장이다, 운명공동체가 되다

To be in the same boat

빙산의 일각이다.

To be the tip of the iceberg

딱 꼬집어 말하긴 힘들지만

I can’t quite put my finger on,

I can’t exactly put my finger on

I can’t pinpoint it,

말하긴 쉬워도 행동은 어렵다.

It’s easier said than done.

~란 있을 수가 없다.

There is no such thing as 명사

For her, there is no such thing as too much studying, she never leaves the desk.


~는 절대 하지 않을 것이다

Over my dead body

The last thing I want to do is

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