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1. How has education changed compared fifty years ago?

Hmmm, it is difficult to answer. For this question, I must talk about what I heard from my father. According to him, there were much more students in one class fifty years ago, like 60 to 70 student, and most of the students had to walk about 5 kilometers to go to the school every morning, because there weren’t many schools. But now, classes are much smaller and there are more schools. However, one thing that didn’t change at all is the memorization. My father had to memorize almost every single page of the text books and so did I.

2. What has been changed positively for the students?

Well, I guess the smaller class size is the most positive change for students. Nowadays, students can engage in discussion over a subject given by the teacher. Thanks to the small classes, the education has become much more interactive than before.

3. What kinds of changes do we need for education?

Wow, it is a big question. I would say, A LOT. There are increasingly loud voices for educational reform in Korea. The secondary education in Korea is largely based on memorization rather than creativity or critical thinking. We need to encourage students to engage in discussions and creative activities. Also we need to provide more teachers so that students can study in smaller classes. But most of all, I think Korean education needs a fundamental change in the basic concept and perspective. We can first begin with treating students as a human being with emotion and needs, not as a studying machine.

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