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1. Do you often go to public libraries?

There are numerous advantages of living in big cities. First of all, it is more convenient. There are more stores selling a wider variety of goods within walking distance. Stores and restaurants are usually open later than less-populated areas. Cities provide better public transportation so that residents don’t need to worry about cars and related expenses.

2. How often do you go to museums or exhibition centres?

Rural areas provide more peaceful and relaxed lifestyle.  The air is cleaner than larger cities and there are less pollutants. Also, the cost of living is generally much lower so that residents can live in larger spaces for less money. Some people find that they are more rushed in urban areas and dislike the hectic lifestyle. But personally, I prefer to live in a city because it is far more convenient and interesting. I think that is why cities are becoming more and more populated.

3. What should the government do to protect historic buildings?

Probably so, because rural areas will eventually become more populated and urban as time goes by. The population of the world is rapidly increasing and the demand for housing is increasing with it. Also, People are attracted to the convenience of larger cities .Naturally, cities will expand to the rural and urbanization will not stop.


Useful Idiomatic Expressions

관련되어있다, 연관되다

Hand in hand

If two things go hand in hand, they are closely connected and

cannot be considered separately from each other.

예문) our efforts must go hand in hand with students’.


아주 신이 났다(남들은 좋아하지 않음)

To have a field day

If someone is having a field day, they are taking advantage of

a situation, especially one which other people find upsetting.

예문) with the manager gone, she is having a field day!


장난이 아니다

Be no picnic

If a task is no picnic, it is difficult or unpleasant.

굉장히 쉽다

A piece of cake

Easy peasy


곤란한 상황에 처하게 하다

Leave someone high and dry

To be left in a difficult situation which you are unable to do anything about


통제 가능한 상황이다

To have something in control


이미 있는 습관을 바꾸거나 새로운 배우는 건 힘들다

To teach an old dog new tricks

어찌 해볼 수 없는 상황이다.

Your hands are tied

Have your hands tied

Something ties your hands

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