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Part 3 Sample Answers

1. Do you often go to public libraries?

I used to go to public libraries all the time when I was young, However I don’t go there anymore.

Because I am busy working 9 to 6 and I hardly have time to go to libraries.

2. How often do you go to museums or exhibition centres?

I like going to museums and art exhibitions, because I think they offer quality education and I can indulge myself culturally. However, I am busy these days, so I cannot go as much as I would like to. So, I would say go to museums once every three months>

3. What should the government do to protect historic buildings?

Firstly, the government should designate ore historic buildings as national heritage. Also it should   support more funding for historical researches and restoration so that scholars can restore and preserve historic buildings

4. What kind of benefits does museum provide people with?

Museum has tremendous educational impact on children. It allows people to see and experience real history and science. For example, Air and Space Museum in Washington DC has numerous real artifacts such as rockets and airplanes. It stimulates children’s imagination and scientific curiosity, which could lead to nurture future scientists. 

5. Do you think learning history is important?

I think learning history is a crucial part of education because we should never forget history. For  example Dokdo conflict between Korea and Japan largely depends on presenting historical evidence. We all have to know about the history in order to promote its importance and protect it. Also, history repeats itself. We can always learn valuable lessons through looking into history. 

6. How could you best teach young people about history?

I think there are a number of ways we could teach history to young people efficiently. Firstly we can boost their interests thought showing historical dramas. Of course dramas exaggerate historical facts and sometimes distort them in order to make it more interesting. However, it is still a very effective way to make young people become more interested in the history. Secondly, we can take them to historical places to have a look around. However, people get more interested when they have background knowledge. So it is essential to teach them in advance.

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