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Part 3 Sample Answers

1.What are the advantages and disadvantages of fast food?

Hmm… literally, fast food is fast and easy to eat. So it is good when you have no time to wait for food at the restaurant. Also it is relatively cheap compared to other fresh food restaurant. However, it contains a lot of trans fat and saturated fat which can cause high blood pressure and heart disease. Also a lot of fast food places use unproven ingredients like GMO food.

2. What is the difference between fresh and canned food?

Fresh food is natural and fresh. It taste good and it has no harmful food additives, However, it could go bad quick and hard to store because they have to be refrigerated. On the other hand, canned food can be stored for a long time and it is very convenient to eat. However, it generally contains a large amount of salt and fat, food additives and preservatives. Therefore they both have pros and cons, but it is better to eat fresh food if possible, for your health.

3. What can we do to solve the problem of food shortages?

To solve food shortage problems, it is urgent to distribute wealth from advanced countries to under-developed countries. Also we should put more investment in researches for mass production of food. Protecting and conserving water source and arable land is crucial as well.

4. Will you cook for your friends when they visit you?

Yes I will, because firstly, it tastes better and healthier than ordering food. Also I can talk to my friend and introduce new food to them. It is more interactive that way.

5. Where do Koreans go when they eat out?

It is very hard to generalize, but if I have to choose, I would say BBQ places. Korea has a lot of indoor, table-installed bbq places. They are very popular among Koreans and it is special because you cannot have that at your house. However, restaurants can be noisy and smoky. So people who want relaxing atmosphere and quieter settings, they go to Italian restaurants.

6. Who usually cook in a typical Korean family?

It is usually mother. It’s a traditional role of mothers to cook for family, and it still exist in Korean culture. However, for modern families and newly-weds, it seems like taking turns in cooking is becoming more and more common.

7. What are some of the eating habits of Korean people

It is hard to think of something in particular, but Korean table manner is quite polite and tend to respect the old. You are not allowed to lift your chopsticks or eat anything until the oldest member of the group starts. Also we try to eat at the same pace as everyone else. Another thing is that it is considered to be rude to hold bowls of soup or rice as you would do in China and Japan.

8. Do you think people eat out too much these days?

Yes, as the number of single people who live along is increasing, eating out is becoming more and more popular. Also, small-sized families prefer to eat out because it is less of a hassle.  I think it is nice to eat out from time to time, but not so recommendable if it’s every day.

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