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Part 3 Simple Answer

 1. Would you agree that sports stars earn too much money?

Yes, I agree.

Sports stars in big leagues such as the MLB or NBA make way too much money than they should do. They make millions of dollars just because they entertain the general public. I understand that watching sports is an important part of people’s lives, which attracts big money and advertisement. However, it is still questionable why they should be making more money than core members of our society such as police officers.  

No, I do not.

From my perspective, sports stars make the amount they deserve, because sports stars can entice millions of people with hope and dreams as well as entertainment. Also, to become famous, they must have done a lot of practice and gone through failure. So I think it is fair that they earn as much as they do.

2. What are the effects of parents who become too involved in their children’s activities?

In my opinion, overparenting has more negative effects than positive ones. Some parents take too much control over children’s activities. For example, a lot of Korean mothers drive their children from one private school to another until 10 at night. It puts a lot of pressure on kids. I think children need to learn how to be independent, so parents should back up a little bit and let them work on their own.

3. What does the government do to encourage people to live healthily in your country ?

Compare to other countries, Korea has a relatively good medical support system for its citizens. The cost of medical treatment is affordable and service is very fast and efficient. Every year, government provide almost free medical check-up to adults over a certain age. Also physical education is compulsory at schools so that students can maintain their health. On top of that, these days, more and more local governments install small public exercise facilities in the parks and playground as well. However, I think the government should build more community centres in each region where people can swim or work out at an affordable cost.

4. What are the benefits of having sports as part of the school curriculum?

Having sports in the school curriculum has a number of benefits for students. Firstly, students can improve their health through various activities. It helps them stay healthy, which can positively affect their concentration for studying. Secondly, students can learn how to work with other people through team sports. Team sports such as soccer require a good level of cooperation. It can be a very effective method for students to learn team work.

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