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Part 3 Sample Answers


1. What are the most popular sports in Korea?

As far as I am concerned, the most famous sport in Korea is football. Football became really popular especially after 2002 World Cup which Korea hosted. Our soccer team made it to the semi-final, and it was a historical achievement for Korea as well as other Asian countries. Because football was considered as a sport for Europeans and South Americans. But thanks to 2002 World Cup, now we have some outstanding Asian players in European football leagues like Ji Sung Park. And it is making football even more famous and popular in Korea.

2. Why do Koreans like those sports?

Before 2002 World Cup, My country tried so hard to advance to the first round of the World Cup. Achieving that dream inspired a lot of people in Korea, and gave them a hope that we can overcome anything. So, for Koreans, football is not only just a sport, but also a representation of hope.

3. What kinds of benefits people can get from sports games?

Participating in sports activities offers countless benefits to our health both physically and mentally. Physically, working out helps reduce cholesterol level and lower the risks of heart-related diseases such as high blood pressure. It also keeps us mentally healthy, because exercise increases a hormone called endorphin in our brain which makes us happy.  Also, if we join a sports team, we can develop social skills and learn about sportsmanship.

4. Do you think international sports events have important roles for the world?

Yes, I believe so. International sports events like Olympics and World Cup not only stimulate the hosting country’s economy but also contribute to maintaining world peace. It is also an important venue for countries to show off their national power through sports, not through violence. It also produces a great deal of inspiring stories for people around the world, for example, Korea’s women handball team miraculously, and unexpectedly made it to the final at an Olympic, but got defeated by Norwegian team. However, a lot of people were impressed by this story. Therefore, I would agree that international sports events play very important roles for the world in countless ways.

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