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Part 3 Sample Answers


1. Why are many young people keen on electronic devices?

These days, many young people like electronic devices such as smart phone, laptop and tablet PC, because they have become a part of their lives. They are not only a way of communication but also a mean of entertainment. You can watch the latest movies and listen to music, and even play games on those devices. Young people are addicted to electronic devices because of those reasons.

2. What are some disadvantages of electronic devices?

There are both physical and psychological problems. As for physical problems, it can worsen eyesight , and cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Because motions we take when using those devices are not natural, so the muscle and bone structure of our hands could be damaged. On the other hand, it also cause psychological problems like addiction or anxiety. When people get addicted to social network services, they tend to look at their phone constantly even to the level where it could cause actual problems in their daily lives. So we need to be careful about how to use electronic devices.

3. What benefits can the community get from electronic devices?

Electronic devices can be a channel of fast communication within a community. Whenever there is news or information to deliver, people can contact each other easier and faster than using snail mails, which is also environmentally friendly because we don’t use papers.

Also, if someone is having an emergency at home or within community, they can reach out for help by using electronic devices such as cell phone.

4. What kind of goods will be popular in the future?

In the future, smaller and faster electronic devices will be popular. There are already smaller communication devices out in the market such as Google glasses and Galaxy gear. They both needs more development, but I am sure it will become very popular in the near future. Also, convergence devices that you can use on many different devices will be popular, for example, these days, you can use your phone to control thermostat at home from a distance, even before you arrive.  Devices like that will be more developed and eventually become very popular.

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