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Part 3 Sample Answers


1. Has the way people travel changed much in the last few decades?

Korea started to allow its citizens to travel abroad freely since 1989. So it was only about thirty years ago. Since then, there was a significant change. At first a lot of people travelled abroad through travel agencies. So most people went on a group tour. However, nowadays, people prefer to go off the beaten track. More and more people want customized trip rather than going to the same tourist places. Also with the development of the Internet, people can search information and book accommodation so much easier than the past.

2. What are some of the problems with long-distance travelling?

There are two main problems with long-distance travelling, carrying large amounts of luggage and the amount of time you have to spend on the airplane itself.  Usually, when taking a long trip, you need to pack larger bags full of more things.  You can either check your bags, which takes time on both ends of your trip, or you can carry them onto the plane.  Carrying large bags is a hassle because they are quite heavy and sometimes the airline will not allow larger luggage on the flight at all.  The second problem is being on the airplane for a long period of time.  It can be uncomfortable to sit in one place for a long time, the air on the airplane is not fresh and can lead to sickness, and it can be very boring to be in one place for so long.

3. What do people learn from travelling?

People can learn about different cultures and meet new and interesting people while travelling.  When travelling to another country, you will be able to see new sights, eat new food, and learn the culture and customs of places that are different from where you are from.  Usually, while travelling to these new places, you will encounter people that you get along with, or that you wish to travel with.  Travelling with people will give you new insights into the places that you go and you can share your experiences together.

4. Do you think the growth of international tourism is a good thing and why?

There are pros and cons to the growth of international tourism.  An increase in tourism for any given country allows for economic growth.  When tourists visit different places, they often spend large sums of money on local food, hotels, attractions and cultural experiences.  However, an influx of people to any place can damage the environment and disrupt the daily life of local residents.  Tourists often do not realize the sensitive nature of sights and attractions and this can lead to property damage or damage to the natural environment.  Furthermore, greater numbers of people make it harder for locals to get around as it adds to traffic and can congest public transportation.

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